Enhanced Integration – Unlocks full potential of self-service CX.

Claimbot launches Proactive Zendesk App

Get ready for more productivity and enhanced CX. Our integration to the best in class customer service ticketing system is now stronger than ever.

Claimbot’s new Proactive Zendesk App enables agents to proactively send personalized tasks to clients without ever leaving Zendesk’s Agent dashboard. This new level of integration provides customer service agents with more visibility and context to unlock self-service opportunities at every step of the customer journey. Our automation tools are designed to be easy to implement and use, and the Proactive Zendesk App is no exception.

Get ready to turbocharge your agent’s productivity and delight customers

The app allows agents to send self-service flows to customers, reducing complex interactions that would normally take hours to solve into a matter of clicks. Claimbot bridges the disparate systems and teams that are involved in solving customer problems. Take for example a customer that has filed a ticket asking about a late fee that is shown in their balance. An agent might be able to explain the nature of the charge, but will most likely have to pass the customer to a separate billing team that would then collect payment. Or perhaps agents have to leave Zendesk, log into a payments platform like Stripe or Braintree to solve the task.

Claimbot’s new Proactive Zendesk App allows agents trigger secure, payment flows right from the ticket. The customer simply clicks and pays – and Claimbot takes care of updating the appropriate Zendesk Ticket and Stripe Account. Bridging teams, systems and customers – saves valuable time and keeps customers happy. The integration supports a myriad of common, costly tasks from billing, to collecting images, sharing locations and multi-step service requests like filing claims.

Meet your customers where they are

Some people check their emails, others would prefer to text with a company, and others just love to chat. Claimbot enables proactive, self-service solutions for all of these channels. Our app seamlessly connects with the tools you already love and use everyday. From your ticket dashboard, just select a method to communicate with your clients and choose one of the pre-built templates from the drop-down menu.

How is Claimbot’s Proactive solution different from others?

  • Tickets are updated with every change- Each Claimbot task is tied back to Zendesk, either by creating a new ticket and/or updating any existing tickets related to that issue. Claimbot also adds the right tags to each ticket. Say goodbye to manual tagging, and hello to perfectly organized tags.
  • Visibility: Our tight integration to Zendesk means your agents will always have visibility into every step of the journey. No more waiting for an email for the billing team to update a customer, no more logging into a separate system to see the status of a request – by adding Claimbot to the team, your agents have a holistic view of all interactions related to your customers making them more productive and better equipped to solve problems quickly. 
  • Beautiful and rich in-browser conversational experiences: Claimbot’s client facing interface is more than an in-browser form. It’s a beautifully designed chat experience that aligns with your company’s branding to provide customers a uniform experience.
  • Powerful FAQ Automation: Claimbot is always listening to automate any questions customers might have along the way. Say you send a customer a “change method of payment flow” via SMS, but the customer replies to the message asking if you take American Express. Claimbot’s AI-enabled FAQ engine can answer the question and carry on with the original flow.
  • Seamless Live Chat Handoffs: If your customer still wants to speak with a real agent our integration Claimbot hands them off to the next available agent all while updating the ticket every step of the way.
  • No technical support needed: You know how to use Zendesk, Claimbot just makes you even better at it. Our app lives right next to every ticket you handle and extends your ability to solve problems, collect data from customers and be efficient. No coding skills required. 
  • Less Typing. More Personalization. Our integration pulls as much information as possible from Zendesk to pre-fill data into every interaction, saving you time while optimizing personalization.